Tampa Bay Redfish Tour 2015 – 2016

The 2015 – 2016 Tampa Bay Redfish Tour Winter series is here. This should be an exciting year with some really great competition.

New for the TBRT 2015/2016 season is location. We will be rotating the 4 regular series events between Maximo Boat Ramp and Gandy Boat Ramp. Then the final tournament and T.O.Y. championship will launch from Ft. DeSoto Boat Ramp.

The entry fee will be $150 per event this year, and there will also be a $35 team registration fee. The entry fee increase is because we are going to sponsor 2 charities this year. The Gator Wilderness Camp for Boys and the Woman’s Outreach Center in Clearwater. A total of $20 from each entry fee will go to those charities ($10 each per team entry).

We are adding a Team Registration fee this year. As you know we did not have a team fee last year as we had a reserve of funds for incidental costs. That reserve has been exhausted. We are NOT a for profit tournament series. This team fee is to make sure we can operate the tournaments and cover any costs that may come up.

Tampa Bay Redfish Tour 2015-2016 dates

November 14th – Maximo Park Boat Ramp
December 12th – Gandy Boat Ramp
January 16th – Maximo Park Boat Ramp
February 20th – Gandy Boat Ramp
March 12th – Ft. DeSoto Boat Ramp  (TOY Championship)


Check out the rules page for all of the specifics of the Tampa Bay Redfish Tour. Then check out the registration for all the details about how you can participate.

We look forward to seeing you out there. If you have any questions please contact Paul Baxter.

Facebook – www.facebook.com/tampabayredfishtour



BY Paul Baxter